Equipped with the most modern system for recharging and controlling the refrigerant in the air conditioning system and with our certified and trained staff, auto repair shop ADVERSUS has proven to be the No.1 place for ensuring proper maintenance of the air conditioning system in your vehicle.

Important part of the vehicle preparation for the upcoming season (summer or winter) is high-quality preparation of the car air conditioning system. Its proper and regular maintenance ensures long-lasting life and a pleasant and healthy journey for the driver and passengers.

List of air conditioning services:



  • Inspection of the air conditioning system
  • Recharging A/C refrigerant (R134a) to the prescribed amount
  • Refrigerant recycling and vacuuming the A/C system
  • Leakage inspection using UV ink
  • Oil replacement in the A/C system
  • High and low pressure control in the system
  • Part replacements of the air conditioner
  • Part replacements of the cooling system